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About US

Carleton Place Computers offers Business and Residential services for Carleton Place & Capital region. We have one goal here at Carleton Place Computers and that's to be the best. That's why we're committed to providing you with the most exceptional IT service you'll ever receive. It's also why our customers recommend us to others.

Technicians will come directly to your office or home to solve your computer troubles right on the spot. Simply call us to schedule an appointment that will fit your schedule. We offer same-day and after-hours services. Discounts for seniors and students & no charge to nonprofit Org.

We can handle everything from network design and installation to on-going maintenance, internet and e-mail solutions to corporate intranets and website design. Whatever your IT requirements, we are here to help initially with advice, and then with cost-effective services and solutions designed to maximize on the full potential available from your existing IT Infrastructure.


On Site Computer & IT services for eastern Ontario & The Captial Region.

Computer repairs & upgrades

CarletonPlaceComputers offers commercial and home support for all of your computers and information systems needs. We will improve your current hardware and help you upgrade to newer technology. We will only sell you what you need, not what Technology wants you to have. With the ever changing world of Information Systems, our approach is derived from empowering the customer of his technology need. As many consumers buy computing power that they never use.

Data Recovery

  • Accidents formatting of Hard disk.
  • Invalid Drive / Disk Firmware.
  • Accidental Deletion of Data, even from Recycle bin.
  • Data Lost due to virus attacks / Human errors / Hacks.
  • Damaged profile in windows environment.
  • Hardware Cylindrical errors.
  • MFT File corruption.
  • Boot & Partition (MBR) Structure Corrupted.
  • logical & Raid damage.
  • Tips on good data recovery. MUST READ make "it link"


As a network driven service provider for small to medium sized Businesses. We enable you to conduct online and mobile business securely, as we provide network support that translate to a fully managed network solution. We will setup your office computers for sharing resources, printers, files, for wired & wireless all in a secure manner. Without strong wireless security, your Wi-Fi network and the data you transmit over Wi-Fi could be vulnerable. Since your wireless network’s radio waves travel through walls, a hacker with a simple antenna could attack you from miles away.

Computer Security

Carleton Place computers 24/7 managed security services that address a wide array of security requirements; all delivered from the new breed of firewalls UTM (Unified Threat management systems). We manage your firewalls, remote access VPN connectivity, and add value enhancements such as network level anti-virus and web filtering so you can focus on your core business, as we can detect threat before it ever enters your business. We use the Latest in security hardware. High level expert security professionals.

Trusted Team

Rooted in the community of Carleton Place, our kids play for the cyclones and the kings. we are a team of professionals with the most accredited background in the business. As privately held family business, our background includes all walks of life with a lifetime of experience and passion in IT. Contact us for a consultation in order to assess your computer networks and business needs.

Business Solutions

We specialize in providing PC and Networking services to businesses that need support, but aren't budgeted for a full or even part-time IT management. We will work with your small and medium sized business as well as residential clients. Generally, we contract to come to your place of business for a set number of hours per week/month for routine maintenance, security and virus updates, data backup, etc. Additionally we can be on call for our regular customers at their contracted hourly rate. Please call for more info.








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Data Recovery

MUST READ Tips on data recovery. MUST READ


STOP, and Call us NOW!!!

As soon as your data is lost, the best thing you can do is not to work (Write to) the drive you just lost the data on. If you create new files they might be overwriting the files you need to recover. DO NOT install recovery software tools on the same media or drive that is bad or has the lost media, as you are going to install over your old data and hinder the recovery.

STOP, and Call us NOW!


The earlier we get your media or drive the more chance we have in fully recovering your files/Data. Do not try to do it yourself. Or googling a fix. We hate to see you lose personal or business data. Years of family images are more than just money. If you do use some software tool. Insure that you are installing the software on a different media than the drive you are trying to recover.


If you do recover any information, save it to a different drive than the defective Media or drive you are trying to recover. YES WE CAN, if someone told you that your drive is done. And just take your Losses, PLEASE CALL US. We will look at it for you for. We support all types of media and topologies from HDD, SSD, Mobile, Laptop, Cloud, Server, RAID, mSATA, M.2, SD, PCIE, NVME, Iphone micro SD, Cellphone, Camera, Android, Virtual Machine, email files and servers.